Aluka’s debut album ‘Space’ was produced by Nick Huggins and recorded between August and October 2012.

Each track has been recorded in a carefully selected location: including an echo-filled stairwell, a World War II bunker, a swimming pool, multiple bathrooms and a chook shed. Aluka embraced the nuances of each space to create an exhilarating collection of sounds, heightening the sentiment behind each song.

As a gorgeous exploration of the female voice and its possibilities, the intricacies of three incredible vocalists are really showcased in Aluka. But with ‘Space’, something more is on offer... beyond the lyrics, and beyond the style itself, there’s a few secret stories hidden in the production of this genre-bending record.

Produced by Nick Huggins
Mixed by Joe Hammond
Mastered by Tim Sigmund

Available on CD and by digital download.


Our EP: Aluka


Released 2009
Produced and Mixed by Myles Mumford
Mastered by Adam Dempsey

Available on CD and by digital download